Sport Ortho
CEP-TG Rep/Distributor Training
Course content
  • ACL Tube
    • A. Video Explaining ACL Tube.m4v
    • DU ACL Tube Full Presentation (6 mins).mp4
    • ACL Tube Study- AOSSM 16.pdf
    • Dugas Letter- ACL Tube.pdf
    • C. ACL Tube Soccer Injury Prevention Results July 2014.pdf
    • Neuromuscular Training Reducing ACL Injuries.pdf
    • Association of Quads and Hams.pdf
    • Functional Brace vs. No Brace.pdf
    • Lower Extremity Biomechanics with and without Strength Training.pdf
    • Neuromuscular Performance Before and After ACL Tear.pdf
    • Functional Braces vs. Neoprene Sleeve.pdf
    • Gait Patterns ACL Return to Sport - UD.pdf
    • Knee Mechanics After ACL Reconstruction (Soccer).pdf
    • Women's Neuromuscular Landing Mechanics.pdf
    • Effects of Landing Techniques on ACL.pdf
    • D. Locomotion Research - Why the ACL Tube Works.pdf
    • B. Placement of T_25 Pads on Medial Quad and Hamstrings.jpg
  • Pro Taco
  • Vlosity
  • Thin Guards
  • CheerOrthotic
  • CEP Compression Training
  • Knit Orthopedic Support Training
  • Sales Training
  • CEP Study
  • Compression 101